App Support

ANDROID NOTICE: The new UPDATE is out! Please update your App immediately. This update restores connectivity to the App.

I can’t get out of the loading screen. What do I do?

Here are a few tips we got from Santa

1. ReindeerCam works best when connected to wireless. Check to see if your wireless is enabled and get connected.

2. Due to the high quality of our video you may experience loading delays when connected through a poor 3g cell connection. Best when connection is 1mbps or faster.

3. If the video doesn’t start within 15 seconds you will be asked to retry. If you continue to see this message it is usually an indication that your connection is too slow.

Try to use a tool such as to detect your current connection speed.

4. If you’re confident that your connection speed is adequate please try reloading the video with the reload button located at the bottom of the App screen. Sometimes it takes more than one reload to reconnect.

5. If all else fails just contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to help.


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